Male Chocolate point, carrying blue (DNA tested)
Born: 1st October 2012
Parents: Rockabyerags Nathan of Silmarilions & Silmarilions Rill Jill


Chocolate was a real surprise! I never imagined that my lines would bring the chocolate gene. Within Romeo's line, Jill's father, we have cats of this color in the pedigree but I thought that the gene had not passed .... Within Nathan's line, we need to go far back in the pedigrees.

I did not think that this cream wad might be a chocolate, but since he remained light while growing up, I did the test and DNA test gave me confirmation!
In addition to being cute, he is so pleasant!

So far the program will remain limited to Ciccolato and his girlfriend, Ginevra, then I am expecting to have one or two litters per year of chocolate and lilac kittens. Interested people are recommended to let me know in advance: for these kittens I'll work mainly by reservation.

Stay tuned for news!




Female lilac lynx point (DNA tested)
Born: 26th January 2013
Parents: Patriarca Lister & PoppyLove Franca Fashion


Ginevra comes directly from Wales ! I thought for quite a long whether or not to keep chocolate: it was inevitable that if he stayed we needed to find him a wife." So in January 2013 I started to look for a female lilac. Thanks to my friend Natashia in Ireland, I have known Kinga, Ginevra's breeder, who had just had puppies! After many months, at the end of June, Geneva finally arrived in Rome. My dear friend Simona went to pick her up in Cardiff for me (thanks Simy! Her journey has ended up on Facebook).

Everyone adored her at first glance! Ginevra is not only beautiful , but also very sweet, with an extraordinary mood and two wonderful pale blue eyes! It's always purring and immediately got familiarized with all the cats here (quite rare thing in a cattery with many not spayed females). I expect fabulous puppies from her and Chocolate!


Thank you Kinga Kujawa for giving me Ginevra.
Very important....thank you Nathasha and Simona!