Seal Mitted Female

Pulce (“Flea”) is a sweet daughter of Champa and Cioccolato.

She had already been booked and therefore was not expected to stay with us but... the fate often changes our plans!


The new owner of Pulce had  family problems and gave up at the very last moment. Meanwhile I was looking for Pulce’s new home, she had an accident: while playing, he came off a finger of a front leg!

Nobody knows what actually happen, but I found her playing serene and quiet with a finger almost completely detached from the paw!

The finger was removed and, being all fond of her, we kept the newcomer! My daughter called it after her way of playing, jumping like a flea!

She is a sociable and sweet little cat! Not so big and with medium-dark eyes.
Excellent type and marking. Really a good Ragdoll who ... go limp like a true Ragdoll!



Genre: Female
Birth date: 01/07/ 2014
Lines: Lynx
Blood group: A
FELV-FIV test: Negative
FIP PCR test: Negative
HCM DNA test: Negative