Lilac Tabby Colorpoint (DNA tested)

Ginevra is coming directly from Wales! Since I decided to keep my chocolate boy, I knew I needed a suitable wife for him. So I had the luck to find this wonderful little lady!


An Irish friend of mine, Natasha, told me she had a friend with a lilac baby girl just new born. That's how I came to meet Kinga in Cardiff, Ginevra's breeder.

Ginevra is extra social, fluffy, laid back and...just BEAUTIFULL! A true Princess!!! Me and my daughter immediately fell in love with her and she became our favourite cat in the house!

Thank you so much to Kinga, Nathasha and my friend Simona Bastoni who brought Ginevra to me!



Genre: Female
Birth date: 26/01/2013
Parents: Patriarca Lister & PoppyLove Franca Fashion
Lines: PMixed, Australian Lilac
Blood group: A
FELV-FIV test: Negative
FIP PCR test: Negative
HCM DNA test: Negative