Silmarilions Gaya , also known as “Cacina”, is the only survivor of a litter of five kittens.
Sometimes it happens, in nature as in the breeding, that newborn kittens die, always being a painful event for everybody.


Since she remained alone .... her Mom decided that taking care of this single child was not worth, and abandoned her!

Then we set turns for patiently milking her with baby bottles. As soon as she opened her eyes, she started hissing at us, even though, logically, just a ridiculous hoarse whistle sound was produced.

She was so funny and lovable, knee-high to a grasshopper and hissing! Then she was renamed “Cacina” (meaning “small thing claiming to be impressive”), despite the fact she quickly grew as a wonderful, huge Seal Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll. Perfect in all details, according to the standard, with a wonderful white “V” on her lively muzzle, identical to her father. He remained with us by unanimous consent!

Cacina is a nice, bold, super sociable and very, very "loose", as only  a Ragdoll can be! She never stands still and never shuts up. A concentrate of surprising vitality.



Genre: Female
Birth date: 18/02/2014
Parents: Silmarilions Calcifer, Silmarilions Till Fluffy
Lines: Lynx
Blood group: A
FELV-FIV test: Negative
FIP PCR test: Negative
HCM DNA test: Negative