“Biscotto” (Italian word for “Cookie”) is definitively not a "royal" name for an Aristocat with a pedigree as long as the train of a bride! He is a Blue Color Point boy and is exactly .... the quintessential  of the TRUE Ragdoll!

Having him for me was a kind of leap into the past. In 1993 a kitten named Vicky came from US, who was exactly like that: Biscotto is one of her far descendants. All  by sudden, it seems to have Vicky here again and, with her, all the other elder Ragdoll who now live just in old magazines.

Think about the slow, gentle, always purring Ragdolls, able to sleep on a working washing machine… Biscotto doesn’t move even in front of a roaring vacuum cleaner. Actually he loves to be hoovered all along his belly!

He was booked and expected to leave to become a show cat, but a conjunctivitis, despite quickly healed, left him with a weeping eye. Meanwhile, given his nature exceptional even for a Ragdoll, my daughter fell in love with him! So I decided to keep him with us, also considering that was no more suitable for expos.

He’s a huge cat! Suer-relaxed and able to go limp in all directions like only the elder Ragdolls were able to do!!

He is constantly purring, even if you accidentally steps on his tail. He loves to play, eat and stay in your arms belly up, like children, looking at you with dreamy eyes full of  trust. He never scratches, neither revolts or has unfriendly gesture.

Everybody has fallen in love with him: both humans and other cats that lick, caress and cuddle him.

He really deserves all this attention !!! Even more!

All Ragdolls should resemble him and that’s the meaning of my work. For more than 21 years I’ve been selecting this features among my kittens. With tenacity and dedication, despite the fact that is not always easy when dealing with modern lines.

Biscotto is truly a masterpiece of Ragdoll! Exactly the kind mentioned by Ann Baker, who was often felt "a little crazy” when she argued that this kind of cats actually existed!