The "points" (nose, ears, feet, tail) are intensely colored.
The body is lighter in color than the tips.
There must not be white spots.


Tips are colored, body is lighter and chin is white.
Front gloves are white and symmetrical, but they must not be higher than the wrist.
Rear boots are white up to the hock.
A white stripe goes from chin to the beginning of the tail, covering the belly.
There might be a white blaze on the nose or between the eyes.

Faults: Lack of white chin, dark spots on gloves or stomach.


Legs, feet, stomach and ruff are white.
An inverted "V" white mask covers the nose.
Ears and tail are dark.
Body is lighter than tips.
Nose and pads are pink .

Faults: white spots on ears and tail. Dark spots on the legs, the belly , on the "V" and on the parts that must be white.


Tabby Point cats add a drawing brindle color and variety of the cat.
Therefore Tabby Point exist in the 3 previous varieties (Colourpoint, Mitted and Bicolor) and in all colors.