Dedicated to the actual founders of our cattery! They are the first cats we imported from USA in 1993, 1995 and eventually in 1998. They are the parents of our current reproducing cats. These cats have always been with us and they gave us a lot.

We will never forget them! I'm talking about our precious friends who left us: Jaggernaut, Vicky and Ghibli. Others have stayed with us for many years and then found new home with friends of us. Anyway, we still consider them part of our family.

Without them, our cattery would not exist! Therefore we dedicate these pages to them with immense respect and gratitude! Thank you guys!

Blue Lynx Mitted

Nathan arrived from USA in July 2008. I'm very happy to have him with us! He comes from an old line I exported many years ago and that I lost.

Lilac Tabby Colorpoint (DNA tested)

Ginevra is coming directly from Wales! Since I decided to keep my chocolate boy, I knew I needed a suitable wife for him. So I had the luck to find this wonderful little lady!

Seal Linx Point Mitted

Fluffy takes her names from being...very relaxed! She is just what her name suggest: extra fluffy! A true totally laid back Ragdoll!