locali allevamento gatti ragdoll roma Silmarilions
The favorite games corner

Our ragdolls have dedicated spaces. The cattery is spread over three rooms with a total area of 55 m2 .

Rooms are always very cool in summer, rarely exceeding 25°C (thanks to the altitude of 600 meters we live at), and heated in the winter around 18°C, granting good health to our friends during the cold season. 

Rooms are equipped with all the amenities that a cat could desire: large, bright bay windows, standard and heated kennels, cat tree trunks, lots of shelves to play and to keep trained. There are also several cages used by mothers to give birth or keep puppies too young to be left lying around.

No cat is ever left alone: everyone is always, at least, togheter with two other ragdolls.