Our history

Ragdoll Cattery


We fell in love with Ragdolls when we read an article about them on an Italian cat- magazine.  We simply couldn't believe that cats with such a fantastic character existed! It was love at first sight! 

It was the year 1992 and in Italy was very hard to find a Ragdoll. So we decided to work for the diffusion of this breed in our country: all  Italian people should know these wonderful cats!

We began to search the kittens to purchase in USA and, after a long waiting time, in 1993 our 3 kittens arrived in Rome from USA! They were one blue bicolor male: Hemlock Trails Jaggernaut and 2 females : a seal Colourpoint: Hemlock Trails Vicky, and a blue bicolor: Hemlock Trails Ghibli. They all came from Mrs. McKee's cattery. We were SO happy....!

They were the first Ragdolls in Rome, and even our vet saw this breed for the first time. Needless to say that they became his favorite cat breed!

Since the first day the 3 kittens settled down in their new home and always lived here with us!

Then we started to make publicity to the breed on cat magazines, TV and cat shows.

In 1994 Vicky gave us our first litter  with our cattery suffix SILMARILIONS, accepted by TICA. In the following years we imported other cats from USA (Melian), from Switzerland and Finland to have different blood lines to work with. We also kept 2 kittens. In 1996 Silmarilions Feanor, a blue mitted male, and Silmarilions Daliana, a blue Colourpoint female didn't go away!

In 1997 we imported from Finland another blue point girl, Zenyatta and in 1998 we kept a big baby girl from our breeding program, called Gormlaith. In 1998 we started a new lynx program importing a lynx mitted boy from USA. Unfortunately Gormlaith never managed to get pregnant and she didn't get along anymore with other cats so we gave her away after 2 years. It was heartbreaking but now she is living an happy pet life with a new family in Finland.

In year 2001 Zenyatta gave us a big beautiful bicolour girl that we decided to keep. She is Silmarilions LothLorien and she is giving us many nice babies with Feanor.

In 2002 we kept 2 girls out of Patrick but from different mothers. The very first lynx girl we ever had, Silmarilions Buffy, and Silmarilions Willow. having these girl we decided it was time to find a new home for Patrick since he was not very happy with us. We hadn't enough space for him and not enough girls for his tastes ! He gave him to friend of us and now he has a room for his own with run outside.

In Agoust 2002 Halyssa from Ibiza joined us and our family was complete!

In year 2004 Buffy gave us the very last daugther from Jaggernaut, our second lynx girl, Padraigin.  In year 2006 we kept Rain and Melian out of Buffy and Willow.They're both seal mitted girls and very sweet in character. In the same year Lorien had her very last son, Calcifer. He was the only kitten of the litter. He was huge since the birth and he was meant to stay, of course! In year 2007 Polly,  daugther of Halyssa, also stayed with us and Silmaril arrived from a breeder friend.

In year 2008 Nathan arrived from Jill's cattery and we kept another baby girl from Halyssa: Fiocco di Neve.

We had many kittens, many of them are now abroad into other catteries since we like export our babies to other countries, but, every new litter, always give us a great emotion!