Boys are key elements of a cat breeding: an active male, siring nice babies, is a winning factor. Very often ragdolls are unwilling or even unable to stud their females. Moreover, pure traditional ragdoll males can grow up to 3 years without exeperiencing any sexual stimolous.

  Our boys are not available for stud service.

Maschio Seal Point Bicolor

Seal Point Bicolor Male

Born on 16/01/2022

Breeder: Sabrina Gasparri

Seal Lynx Colorpoint

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Male 

Born on 24/12/2017

Parents: Jerome Genius + Sweet Emotion Dorami

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Male

Neptune is named Finn in family. He arrived from our friend’s cattery Valentino Papandrea.
He is very sweet and loving. Very floppy and always purring all around.