Every girl is daughter of champion rank parents, as well as mother of kittens either titled, or going to stand out within worldwide expos! Take a minute to know their famous parents!

Femmina Seal Lynx Colorpoint

Seal Lynx Colorpoint Female

Born on 18/03/2022

Parents: Silmarilions Wen Melian + Gomitolo of Silmarilions

White Angels Orangina - Femmina red point mitted

Red Point Mitted Female

Born on 11/03/2022

Breeder: Valentino Papandrea

Blue Point Bicolor Female

Narsil has arrived together with Neptune from Valentin’s house.. She is wonderful! Sensitive and delicate she is moving around like a Princess. She is purrying so loudly that you can hear her from another room! 

Seal Mitted Female

Melian is a seal mitted ragdoll. Why is so special?

She is the third Melian in my house. I kept her to replace the mother, who, after years of honorable "service", has been neutered and is enjoying  her retirement between pillows and sofas.

Seal Mitted Female

Pulce (“Flea”) is a sweet daughter of Champa and Cioccolato.

She had already been booked and therefore was not expected to stay with us but... the fate often changes our plans!