programma di selezione gatti ragdoll

Our breeding program: character first!


The kittens are grown by all cats in the house and, of course, by us. All females get on very well, being either related or, at least, grown together: then they help each other during childbirth and growth. Even the males are very affectionate with the children and actively contribute to their growth!

We take all possible care of puppies' character and human socialization from the birth. The CHARACTER is our first selection criterion! Character, in fact, is largely a genetic trait and therefore our selection begins upstream, through a careful selection of parents: kitten without the characteristic joyful, confident and gentle Ragdoll temperament, either becomes a reproductor or is passed to other catteries, although aesthetically beautiful.

Our main goal is CHARACTER, and we don't get tired in repeating it. Because it is the only thing that makes a Ragdoll a true Ragdoll. This feature has ditinguished the Ragdoll from all other breeds for a long time. Unfortunately, today some blood lines have diminished or lost this peculiarity, and their temperament has changed. Our farm strives to maintain over time the ancient and extraordinary personal qualities of this breed, through a strict selection of bloodlines. We mainly keep ancient and traditional lines, which has always been known for their unique, unmistakable character! We want our children to be special for their confident and sociable temperament!

Puppies do not leave the mother before 3 months, only after 2 immunization with trivalent vaccine and fully dewormed. All our reproductor are for FeLV , FIV and feline cardiomyopathy (HCM) tested. In addition, all our cats are PCR for FIP tested. None of our breeding stallion can be given to a home without females, or lacking of a suitable hosting environment.

Many Silmarilions kittens are at the origin of new Italian Ragdoll catteries, while others have gone to foreign breeders. Some of our puppies are now Grand Champions and have had great success in shows. Of course, this fills us with pride ! To take a look at the results of our kittens you can visit the section "Cattery / Our champions"! If you want to see our cats to show more 'beautiful who are abroad at other friends, go to the section "Cattery / Our cats abroad".

Export is our specialty! We were the first in Italy to export, in 1998, a cat in the United States, the country of origin of the Ragdoll. And that  was just the beginning! Many others followed....