Gettin a kitten from us is very simple! Call or send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk and know each other. This way I wiil be able to help you choose the right kitten for you and your family.

You are welcome to visit us, but we ask you not to visit other breedings before coming in order to safeguard the health of our cats. During the visits it is not allowed to touch the kittens which are not vaccinated yet.

If you can not come, we can send you professional photos both to help choose your kitten  and to follow his/her growth.

Kittens can be booked when they are 3 - 5 weeks old. A deposit is required to reserve a puppy. It 's not possible to reserve a kitten without a deposit. The deposit is not refunded if the purchase is canceled by the buyer.

Payment shall be made when the kitten is delivered or, in case of shipment, at least 15 days prior to dispatch.

Kittens are ready to leave the mother 12-14 weeks after completing vaccines and deworming.


ragdoll kittenAlong with the puppy you will receive:

the health card issued by the veterinarian;

the Veterinary Health Certificate drawn up by the veterinarian 2-3 days before delivery;

a written contract of sale with including a 1 year warranty for genetic diseases;

copies of the tests of the parents for FELV, FIV, FIP (also PCR FIP);

copies of DNA testing of parents for HCM, performed by Washington University;

the pedigree;

information on nutrition and care of the puppy.

All pet quality kittens and show neuters must be spayed/neutered.

We adhere to the TICA Code of Ethics, supporting the sterilization of those kittens which are not specifically for breeding, in order to protect their quality of life and prevent the problem of unwanted and abandoned puppies.

The pedigree of pet quality kittens are NOT valid for shows and breeding. The pedigree of the Show Neuters are NOT available for breeding.