Blue Lynx Mitted

Nathan arrived from USA in July 2008. I'm very happy to have him with us! He comes from an old line I exported many years ago and that I lost.


He is a grand grand son of  Daliana and Feanor: so, still old Vicky's line! He has a good type and large size and, most of all, he has a super Ragdoll disposition! He is always purring and very floppy as well. He is a heavy boy with a nice little flame on nose!

He is giving me such beautiful kittens with stunning temperaments and big, heavy body structures. I kept two of his daugthers: Sweet Cloud and Molly. I also had the nice surprise in year 2012 to have a Chocolate son out of him and Rill Jill: Silmarilions Cioccolato. I'm planning to keep him in my breeding program for a long time!

Thanks so much to my friend Jill Hill for trusting me with Nathan!!


Genre: Male
Birth date: 19/02/2008
Parents: Keepurrs Echo of Rockabyerags + Rockabyerags Franny
Lines: Traditional, Lynx
Blood group: A
FELV-FIV test: Negative
FIP PCR test: Negative
HCM DNA test: Negative

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