Seal Mitted Female

Melian is a seal mitted ragdoll. Why is so special?

She is the third Melian in my house. I kept her to replace the mother, who, after years of honorable "service", has been neutered and is enjoying  her retirement between pillows and sofas.


The first Melian (name chosen by my favorite Tolkjen’s book “The Silmarillion”) came in 1995 from the USA. She was an adorable Seal Bicolor, who disembarked from the plane and, after more than a daylong flight, jumped straight in my arms and there remained. It became one of the most important cats of my breeding, mother of the famous Feanor, who won all kind of expos around Europe.

In 2006, her daughter Willow gave birth to Melian "the second", who has now retired in a friend of mine house too.
And now... Melian “the third”! Adorable, wonderful. Seet and with exact the same voice timbre of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. The same way of moving: slow and rather uncertain. The same languid and confident eyes. The same exceptional capacity to go limp as the oldest Ragdolls had.

Well ... the quintessence of the true Ragdoll and the best juice of my breeding, from the past ... to the future!!



Genre: Female
Birth date: 27/05/2014
Parents: Rockabyerags Nathan Of Silmarilions, Silmarilions Melian
Lines: Lynx
Blood group: A
FELV-FIV test: Negative
FIP PCR test: Negative
HCM DNA test: Negative